Your continuous support of the construction project of Masjid Noor UL Haram is very much appreciated. Please continue to donate generously for blessings in this world and the hereafter.

World Islamic Mission Canada

World Islamic Mission Canada is a religious organization that adheres to the Ahl-ul-Sunnah religious mainstream. Its beliefs and teachings are based on the Holy Quran and the traditions (sunnahs) of the last Prophet of Allah Almighty, peace be upon him.
The organization was founded in 1989 by the renowned Muslim scholar and missionary, Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani Siddiqui Al Qaderi RA, who had a strong conviction to serve Allah the Almighty and dedicate his allegiance to the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. World Islamic Mission began its mission in Canada with the aim of inspiring and educating the community at large.
Since its establishment, WIM Canada has been actively involved in the development of Islam and has been dedicated to serving the community. Some of its activities include establishing Masjid Noor-UL-Haram, engaging in Da’wah efforts, organizing conferences to address global issues, and most importantly, providing guidance and spiritual training to people of all ages within the community.
It is important to note that World Islamic Mission Canada Inc. is a registered charitable organization. Masjid Noor-UL-Haram, located at 2478 Ninth Line, Oakville, ON, operates under the umbrella of World Islamic Mission Canada Inc.

Masjid Noor-UL-Haram

Fajr 5:30 AM
Dhuhr 1:45PM
Asr 6:45 PM
Maghrib Sunset
Esha 10:30PM
Jummah – 1st Salaat  02:15 PM
Jummah – 2nd Salaat  03:15 PM

Future of Masjid Noor-UL-Haram

Allah the Almighty has shown his blessings once again, when World Islamic Mission Canada acquired almost 11 acres of land. Its ideal location gives visitors a breathtaking view of the surrounding scenery which makes it an ideal place for worship and forgetting about the worldly matters. The land acquired is suitable to cater for the basic human needs of Muslims within the community.
WIM Canada unveiled the design of Masjid Noor-Ul-Haram on August 29, 2008. This architectural landmark will be built on an approximately 11-acre land located at 2478 Ninth line, Oakville which conveniently sits on the border of Mississauga and Oakville. This new Masjid will cater for about 1000 people. It will not only be a place of worship for people of the Muslim faith but also a tranquil location for the residents of Oakville and surrounding areas. The design of the new Masjid has combined both traditional and modern architecture and it will be a pride for the community in Canada.
This project consists of key components such as a custom-built Masjid, lecture room, banquet hall, offices and Islamic library.

Alhamdollillah, the steel structure of Masjid Noor UL Haram is now complete as of Nov 30th, 2023.   See details in the Construction Project Tab. Please continue to support the construction project of Masjid Noor-UL-Haram, we need your help: REQUIRE $800,000 ( 800 Musallas of $1000 each)  to continue with the next phase of the project, Insha Allah 

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As-Suffa Madrassa Programs:

  1. Daily Madrassa – Weekdays 5:30PM to 7PM & Weekends 11:00 to 1PM
  2. Full Time Hifz Program – Free Program from 1PM to 7PM
  3. Part Time Hifz Program – Weekdays 5:30PM to 7PM & Weekends 11:00 to 1PM

Weekly Spiritual Gathering 

  1. Join us every Thursday starting at 7:30PM for our weekly spiritual program of Khatame Khawjegaan, Zikr Qadariya, Salaam and Dua