Madrassa As-Suffa

Madrassa As-Suffah – Islamic classes for boys and girls

Knowledge means learning, teaching or writing of books for the guidance of people among others are all deeds of continuing charity. Learning and teaching of the Holy Quran are among the best deeds that a Muslim can perform, and are the main source of respect and integrity for him both in present world and in the Hereafter. There are countless narrations that urge us to learn and teach the Holy Quran and the following one is more well-known to Muslim in general. The third rightly-guided Caliph, Uthman bin Uffan (RA) narrated that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihe Wassalam) said:
The best of you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it. (Al-Bukhari 5027).
One of the objectives of World Islamic Mission Canada is to facilitate part-time classes to teach our young children the basic knowledge of Islam . As-Suffah madrassa has been very instrumental to deliver on this critical and most rewarding objective since 1999 when it started under guidance of Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani Siddiqui RA and Allama Qamaruzzaman Azmi
From the early stage, the students of the As-Suffah Madrassa have been benefiting from the teachings of  our qualified teachers. 
Today, As-Suffah Madrassa provides Islamic education to over 80 students and engages 5 qualified teachers.
The As-Suffah curriculum comprises of the following syllabus:
Level 1 – Qaida – Introduction of basic arabic reading, Kalema, Daily duahs & Adab ( Islamic manners), Basic aqidah to understand who is Allah – Our Creator and our Holy Prophet (Salalaahu alahi wa Sallam) and our relationship with them, Basic fiqh for proper performance of wudu, salat & deenyaat.
Level 2 – Introduction to the Holy Quran ( Nazera) , Duahs, further knowledge on aqidah to understand who is Allah – Our Creator and our Holy Prophet (Salalaahu alahi wa Sallam) and our relationship with them, Introduction to Islamic history: Ahl Bayt, Khulafa Rashideen, Sahaba Ikram, scholars and Awliya Allah, Fiqh for proper performance of taharat, ghusl,wudu, salat, deenyaat, Halal & Haraam
Level 3 – Completion (nazera-recitation) of the Holy Quran with proper tajweed, memorization of the Holy Quran (selected surahs), Ahadiths, Fiqhs & Recitation of Qasidahs and Nasheeds
As-Suffah Madrassa – Classes Hours : Mon-Fri: 5:30pm-7:30pm & Sat-Sun: 11am-1pm
Please contact the Masjid at 905 257-1342 for registration