Masjid Noor-UL-Haram Construction Project

Masjid Noor-UL-Haram – An Architectural Landmark 

Alhamdollillah, As of Monday Dec 5th, 2022, we have started steel structure phase and we are at 75% complete.


World Islamic Mission Canada has obtained the Building Permit to start construction from the Town of Oakville. Alhamdollillah, after the Ground Breaking Ceremony, construction has been well underway. We encourage all Muslims to support this landmark Islamic project.
Alhamdollillah, it was indeed a great blessing from Allah Almighty to see the construction of Masjid Noor-UL-Haram spinning off the ground; a building promised to bear the beauty of its name. The long awaited Masjid in Oakville is underway.
Since its inception in 1989 and subsequently with the birth of Masjid Noor-UL- Haram, it was always the dream of the community to have a custom built Masjid to serve the residents of the Town of Oakville and its surrounding cities. The Masjid is not only a place of worship but an ideal location to meet people of different diversities of religions; a common place to share ideas and learn from different experiences.
The construction of Masjid Noor-UL-Haram started in March 2015 and the site services work is well over 90% complete, the excavation for the foundation of the Masjid has been completed and currently the Builder is working on building concrete walls for the lower level floor of the Masjid. .
Masjid Noor-UL-Haram has different elements inorporated within the project to service the present community and will be very beneficial for the forthecoming generations.
Insha Allah, Masjid Noor-ul-Haram will be the first custom built Masjid in the Town of Oakville. Its majestic and picturesque architecture will not only be an artistic addition to the development in the Town of Oakville but a pride to everyone and all.
Chronological progress of the construction phase
March 2015 – May 2015 – Site Services work for phase 1 for the masjid started in March 2015 and by May 2015 the following tasks of the site services work were completed.
  • Installation of silt fence & trees protection
  • Trees Removal
  • Removal of top soil to prepare the foundation
  • Excavation & materials removal
  • Retaining walls excavation & backfill
  • Backfilling and compaction
  • Fire fighting pond
  • Water storm drainage
  • Inspection and approval of the Site Services Engineer, Conservation Authority and Architect
June 2015 – Onward – Concrete work for the Masjid is well underway and substantial progress is being made day to day to ensure most of the first level concrete work and rebars are complete prior to the winter season. The builder will break for the winter season and resume back once spring sets forth on us again.
Dec 2015 – Construction will be halted for winter and Insha Allah, we are planning to resume in March or April 2016 provided we have enough funds. Completion report to date is as follows:
  • 100% of walls foaming
  • 100% of the perimeter of the concrete walls for first level
  • Elevator Pit is complete
  • Phasing inspection and approval by the Architect and Structural Engineer is done
Dec 2017 – Concrete work for phase 1 is 100% complete. Construction will be halted until we collect enough funds to start the next phase of the project
The following pictures provide a visual understanding on how fast the project is moving; which is merely a reflection of the blessing from the Almighty.

Download a copy of PDF Copy of the construction update

Next Phase
The next phase of the project is to install the steel structure for the entire building of phase 1 consisting of the Masjid. The cost for the steel work is estimated to be $3.8M. 
Insha Allah, the installation of the steel structure will start in Dec 2022, with a completion date of March 2024.
Construction Questions
If you wish to speak with someone in person, please call the Masjid and ask to be connected with one of the following brothers:
  • Br. Mohamed Farook, Chairman Construction Project
  • Br. Noorhassen Kausim, President
  • Br. Abdul Ahad Ruhomaun, General Secretary
  • or send us email at for any enquiries.